Lower Back Pain Tips

Tips on Back Care 

The annoying thing with back pain is that you don’t realize how bad it is until you experience them. Visiting your chiropractor is a great way to correct these problems, but these tend only to be short term if you don’t look after your back. This is why we have listed our top tips and tricks you can start today to reduce your chances of having to go back to your chiropractor in Tampa for another session. 

1.     Stop doing sit-ups.

Although having strong abs are great in reducing pains and aches in your back, the exercise will worsen your back pain. Instead of performing traditional sit-ups and crunches, try out the yoga style version known as the plank pose. You can accomplish this exercise by lying flat on your stomach and lifting your body, so you’re balancing on just your hands and toes. The key here is holding the position for as long as you can and lasting longer with every try. 

Another alternative way to work your core and abs without damaging your back is by performing side planks. To do, simply start at the regular plank position and rotate your body to one side. Here, your body should be held up with just your forearm, fixed adjacently on the floor. 

2.     Stop peering down at your smartphone.

Imagine how many times you look at your smartphone; now imagine how you look at your smartphone; head facing down, right? You may even be reading this article in that position currently. The problem with doing this is that your chin is getting closer and closer to your chest. This leads to the back of your neck performing a ‘c’ shape. This puts a considerable amount of strain and pressure on your neck. It’s also worth noting that doctors claim the average human head weighs between 10 – 15 pounds, so the more that weight which is away from the shoulders, the more damage to the neck you are receiving. To rectify this, start practicing to hold your arms up, so you look at your device straight. 

3.     Sit up straight.

All of those times as a kid getting told off for slouching by your parents were doing you a favor. When you slouch, your body weight is resting on a curved and bent back, which puts lots of strain on it. This is the reason we suggest working at a work area with a PC rather than chipping away at your lap. This is to keep you from slouching over for quite a long time, likewise sitting at a work area keeps up that square-like stance you need to promote back care.

All of these tips can help improve the effectiveness of the chiropractics sessions on your back, however sometimes its recommended to make regular visits. If you have any concerns or questions, why not get in contact by clicking here. Serving the cities Tampa, South Tampa, Hyde Park and Palma Ceia; Cherry family chiropractic’s, we’ll be more than happy to help you on your road to recovery.

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