Tampa Chiropractic Care Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Visit a Tampa Chiropractor?

Chiropractic services have been used to treat a wide range of injuries and abnormalities for many years, and have shown incredible results in regard to improving injury recovery and chronic discomfort. If you are dealing with constant pain or stiffness, low energy levels, or are looking for help with treating pain after a recent injury, you should consider visiting a local Tampa chiropractor.
Correction vs. Temporary Pain Relief:
Chiropractic treatments are meant to target pain at the core level, from where they originate. Once we can understand the root causes for your symptoms, then we can begin to plan out the different ways we can help correct your problem with the use of natural chiropractic methods. This holistic way of healing can help you eliminate painful symptoms for the long term, as opposed to simply giving temporary relief.
It is important to look into the different ways that we can improve our overall health, because nothing is bigger than life; and at Cherry Family Chiropractic in Tampa, we’ll make sure that you are treating your pain or discomfort from every angle possible.

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We offer pediatric chiropractic care and pregnancy chiropractic care

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Adjustments are the careful and precise placement of force to guide a misaligned joint back into a position which allows for a healthy and wide range of motion. Chiropractors use a large amount of varied techniques in order to properly adjust their patients. All these techniques would be used to ultimately achieve a proper spinal adjustment.
We use the Pierce Results System, which is the most advanced way to combine traditional techniques with new age technology to give us a safe and effective method for treating our patients. There are no cracking or twisting of the joints at our clinic. Instead, we have advanced chiropractic technology that can safely and precisely target your root causes of pain and discomfort.

Should I be Worried if I Have Chronic Back Pain?

Nowadays, our workforce is increasingly becoming tied down to offices and have to sit for a majority of the day. This, along with the lack of proper chiropractic treatment, has led to a large amount of people needing help with adjustments and proper exercise routines. There are natural ways to treat your back pain or stiffness, and we can help you find relief without having to rely on just medication.
It is best to visit your local Tampa Chiropractor at least twice a year to be completely sure that your spine is in optimal health conditions. Even if you are experiencing pain and are worried that you may need to have serious treatment, it is always better to be safe when it comes to a vital part of your overall health.

Will I Need to Have My X-Rays Taken?

Depending on each patient, if there is a concerning symptom or area of pain, we may find it best to take a few X-Rays. The best way to make sure that no serious damage has happened as a result of an injury, is to have an xray done so we can properly see what we are adjusting during our chiropractic care in Tampa Florida.

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