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As an individual who values evidenced-based intervention, I respect and appreciate Dr. Cherry’s approach to chiropractic care. His services have allowed me to continue to sustain a hectic work schedule and participate in the leisurely activities I enjoy without the chronic low back pain I previously endured.
Tampa, FL
I came to Cherry Family Chiropractic with lower back S.I. joint issues. Conventionally, I thought the issue was isolated and was looking for an acute fix. Working with Dr. Jason, not only has he alleviated the issue, but has eliminated a multitude of other injuries I have as a professional athlete. All of which stemmed from misaligned spinal positioning. Every session I received attention above and beyond my expectations. His approach uses measurable and objective data to ensure every adjustment is specific to your health and healing.
Tampa, FL
My name is Brad. I met Dr. Cherry through the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Seventeen years ago I injured my lower back in a weightlifting mishap. At the time, I saw a physician and was diagnosed with a pinched nerve. The doctor prescribed painkillers and rest. I followed the doctor’s orders and took the prescribed medications, but all that did was make me feel “loopy”, but I was still in pain. After about two months of inactivity, I was able to resume life as normal. Over the years, I’ve tweaked my back several times and the same result, pain medications and rest. None of the doctors that I went to did anything to solve the problem, but just prescribed medications. I decided to call Cherry Family Chiropractic because I tired of doing the same old thing and not really fixing the problem. From the moment I walked into his office, Dr. Cherry was the consummate professional. He has a warmth and demeanor that you don’t feel like you are going to a doctor’s office, but to see a friend. Dr. Cherry had me sit down and talked to me about chiropractic services, I learned more about my spine and spinal cord in that five minutes than I did in any anatomy class I ever took in school. After that, Dr. Cherry consulted with me and explained further what he does and offered me some options. When I walked into Dr. Cherry’s office, I could barely stand up. After the first visit for treatment, not only was I standing up straight, but doing so without significant pain. Dr. Cherry is the first physician I’ve ever met that worked to correct the problem, instead of medicate it. I’ve been following a treatment schedule with Dr. Cherry and I feel great. I firmly believe Dr. Cherry’s treatments will get me where I need to be, where I won’t have to worry in the future about tweaking my back. I highly encourage anyone that is experiencing pain, discomfort, anything anywhere in your body, go see Dr. Jason Cherry. You’ll be so glad you did!
Tampa, FL
Thank you so much, Dr. Cherry! I was in such pain from a pinched nerve running across my back, shoulder, and down my arm for over two weeks. With just one adjustment my pain was relieved and now we are focusing on fixing the problem of restoring the curve in my neck back to the banana shape it should be to ensure I am healthy. The technology used in the office is so helpful to understand the root of the problem. I appreciate Dr. Cherry’s sincere interest in my overall health.
Odessa, FL
From the first visit, the concern shown for me and my condition has been evident. Dr. Cherry and Jillian have worked together to make sure I understand my treatment, what to expect, and how they could help. I like that they both understood my concerns that I did not want to rely on drugs for my recovery nor for the long-term results of my accident. The results have been better than I anticipated. Dr. Cherry has been responsive to my body’s reactions and adjusted my treatment to reflect both acute and ongoing issues from my accident. I can say with confidence that I will not be seeking drugs for pain relief long term, even in the short term I have been able to set aside the narcotics. I am confident I will be able to live the full life I want!
Tampa, FL
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